Kraken announces public beta launch of Kraken NFT


  • Those who are already a Kraken client will see the NFT marketplace added to the homepage.
  • All collections on Kraken NFT are vetted to filter out spam or fake collections.
  • Since each NFT represents a rare combination of characteristics and attributes, certain NFTs are scarce as compared to others.

Known as one of the largest and trustworthy digital asset platforms, Kraken, has announced the public beta launch of Kraken NFT, a marketplace that will allow collectors to analyze, find and trade NFTs in a safe manner. Thanks to the previous launch of Kraken Pro, clients can have the best of both worlds. 

With Kraken NFT, the NFT world will become accessible and spontaneous for collectors ranging from professional flippers to those who are beginning the collection. The marketplace was created to make it among the safest, dynamic and easy-to-use markets.  

Kraken has shared a YouTube video to explain Kraken NFT in a better way.

Co-founder and CEO of Kraken, Jesse Powell, shared that their mission since 2011 has been to increase the adoption of cryptocurrencies with the help of a safe platform that safeguards funds of clients and provides a range of products as well as services. 

He added that they were the first established exchange that listed ether and  noticed the potential of the non-fungible world. Kraken NFT has a safe gateway with collections and exclusive features that will make it a choice for collectors to analyze and engage with the NFT ecosystem. 

Kraken NFT will include over 110 of the highest-trading-volume NFT collections. Supported collections go through a vetting procedure and new collections are added regularly. The NFT screener tool can be accessed on Cryptowatch for the purpose of tracking the average price sale, NFT market data and detailed statistics for different collections.

Powell continued that non-fungible tokens allow creators to monetize their perspectives as well as connect with compatible audiences. NFTs can be the way individuals start involving with crypto. 

Kraken NFT aspires to build a smooth and thoughtful user experience, which is why it includes zero gas fees. Having said that, it is possible to purchase and sell NFTs without blocking the fundamental blockchain network and bearing hefty gas fees. 

Through creator earnings, a part of the value of entitled non-fungible tokens that are sold on the marketplace is given back to the content creator as a reward for their creativity and invention.   

Every supported collection has a rarity ranking to allow collectors to assess the rarity of an individual NFT in a better way.

Clients can list or offer a non-fungible token on crypto or fiat supported platforms. As of now, non-fungible tokens can be traded in 200 cryptocurrencies and 8 fiat currencies. 

The whitelisted collection of Kraken NFT will start with the ones based on Solana and Ethereum. Other blockchains will be supported in the coming time.