Magic Eden displays explicit content including Big Bang Theory images


  • Magic Eden showed incorrect images including stills from famous TV show Big Bang Theory along with adult content for certain non-fungible tokens.
  • The marketplace has alleged a hacked image caching service behind the offensive NFT images.
  • Magic Eden has confirmed that users’ NFTs are safe since the marketplace has not been hacked.

Magic Eden, the biggest

Magic Eden, the biggest NFT marketplace on Solana, featured adult content besides images from the popular sitcom, The Big Bang Theory, in place of NFTs on Tuesday. 

Following the incident, the marketplace took to Twitter to reassure its customers that their non-fungible tokens are safe. 

On January 3, users of Magic Eden reported that loading the page of a collection flashed a pornographic image rather than the NFT thumbnail. Also, a Twitter user SolProfessor565 shared objectionable images on Magic Eden being displayed to their kid. 

According to Magic Eden, its third-party picture was invaded; however, the marketplace was not breached, which ensures that the NFTs on the marketplace are completely secure. 

An employee at Magic Eden shared that the issue was identified as well as fixed within an hour. In case, customers were still able to see the incorrect images, they would have to reboot their browsers.

 Magic Eden refused to recognize the outside-picture supplier owing to security reasons. Besides this incident, the marketplace is quite active these days. For instance, Magic Eden introduced a New Reward Program recently. Also, it has introduced Open Creator Protocol to ensure artist royalties.