Best analytics tool to track new NFT projects & explore new ones

Leading the top spot and maintaining a powerful NFT portfolio requires tracking various activities happening in the NFT world from project launches to mint dates and auctions. Doing this becomes easy with NFT analytic tools since they provide a 360-degree overview of the current and future picture of the market.  

Considering the importance of such tools, here’s a list of top analytics tools for investors to track various NFT projects and make better decisions. Not only will they help you find the best NFTs to buy but a lot more. 

1. Etherscan

To make sure minting is done from the right contract, NFT traders prefer to mint on Etherscan. With Etherscan, they can search the Ethereum blockchain absolutely free. Each transaction is broken down to present its properties no matter if they are for a loan activity, simple transfer, trade or some other sort of activity. Another use of Etherscan is to find a lot more about the transactions taking place on the Ethereum network ranging from buying NFTs to transferring coins. 

2. NonFungible 

Providing up-to-date project rankings, advanced market analysis and asset price evolution, NonFungible has the largest market database of crypto collectible and blockchain gaming. Data regarding gaming markets and blockchain collectibles is also provided by the platform. With NonFungible, users can compare identical assets to know if they are getting a justified price while selling or purchasing an NFT.

3. Cryptoslam

Cryptoslam is an NFT aggregator to trace the metrics and location of several NFTs from around 50 projects and websites. The platform can be utilized to track market sellers, top buyers & sellers, daily sales volume, mints, blockchain by NFTs sales, NFT collection ranking based on sales volume and more.

 4. Rarity Sniper 

It provides the best way to find out the rarity of 1911 NFT collections on Solana, Ethereum, etc. Rarity Sniper scores are for image NFTs or JPGs and precisely for large NFT collections. There are 1,500 plus projects from 18 blockchains on the rarity tool. Latest news about NFT collections is also available at the platform which also has an NFT calendar regarding the mints of forthcoming projects to aid users in staying updated about the market and future mints.

5. Nansen

Popular as the premium tracking tools, Nansen provides insights of the NFT marketplace and helps users to identify emerging NFT trends. The tool is known for offering insights about wallet addresses owned by crypto whales. Nansen’s key window to the NFT market is NFT Paradise that offers insights into the market & marketplaces’ general state. Its profit leaderboard exposes users to the best investors.

6. DappRadar 

The platform is a helping hand to find the top NFT marketplaces, collections and sales. A portfolio tracker was introduced in 2020 to allow users to monitor Ethereum wallets in real-time. Users can check the volume, sales and trade of any collection apart from tracking the leading collections and tracking their current sales volume. DappRadar supports 20 plus blockchain protocols. 

7. Trait Sniper

Known among the most used trading platforms, Trait Sniper doubles into a metadata sniffing tool and as soon as an NFT collection launches, it evaluates rarity and makes way for several opportunities. NFT collections are scanned speedily by the platform and it can scan an infinite number of collections NFT to present the rankings within 30 seconds. Its accuracy rate is 95%.

8. Rarity Tools

Its exceptional analytical skills and broad tracking make the tool a favorite of many investors. Rarity Tools provides an easily understandable ranking method. Users can compare two NFTs to find out how rare they are from each other.  In an NFT, every characteristic is assigned a rarity score, which is then summed up to conclude the complete NFT score. Based on the rarity score, NFTs are ranked to simplify trading as well as swapping. 

9. OpenSea

A site that needs no introduction and is among the most used to buy, sell, trade and track NFTs. OpenSea offers a range of analysis and tracking tools to simplify which NFTs are worth investigating in. All the data and activity for any NFT that’s listed on the platform can be viewed. Through the Stats page, ranking and activity of a non-fungible token can be seen in real time. The platform supports all tokens based on Klaytn, Ethereum and Polygon

10. NFTBank

It is the simplest and easiest way to create and handle one’s overall NFT portfolio from a single place. NFTBank provides detailed knowledge regarding NFT investment. Users can view the ROI, spending and various other activities for a specific collection or NFT. Moreover, the tool is great for profile management as well. Some of the key services include analytics, basic user interface and a portfolio tracker. 

11. Dune Analytics 

Undoubtedly, it is among the most reputed free NFT analytics tools. For those who lack technical knowledge, Dune Analytics is a great tool. Users can organize historical collection data and see them like graphs. A popular tool, it allows tracking floor prices of collections, listed NFTs for sale, etc. Prior to any investment, a user can create a custom dashboard for detailed research.

12. BitDegree

This tool enables users to search among thousands of collections and examine them through many metrics which includes sales, trade volume, blockchain protocol and users. Tracking the leading NFTs based on their performance, BitDegree makes recommendations too. There’s a dApp Tracker to let users discover, track and evaluate all blockchain dApps. Users can even personalize the crypto analysis process by stacking a portfolio of projects for which they can set conditional events as well as monitor them besides tracking fluctuations in terms of performance.

Some other popular options

  1. Icy Tools

The platform is famous for exploring and analyzing data about the popular NFTs at the moment. Talking about the best features of Icy Tools, they include fastest data analytics interfaces, volume data, showing real-time changes in floor price and sales. 

  1. NFSea

An all-rounder that serves as an amazing tool for NFT analysis and tracking besides working as a snipping tool. The platform has a powerful suite of functions to aid NFT addicts in supporting projects that yield profits. NFSea also tracks price drops.  

  1. Ninjalerts

When it comes to NFT collection and trading, Ninjalerts is an absolute delight.  A powerful analytics tool, it helps users with  real-time notifications about the recent NFT drops, auctions and minting deals.

  1. Compass

An incredible tool to upgrade NFT buffs into experts who make the best decisions and investments that pour nothing but profits. Compass allows users to be a part of successful projects besides having the knowledge of expected valuable NFT collections.   


The tool keeps users informed about the best performing NFT collections and provides necessary details such as sales, volume, total assets, floor price and collection value. Stats according to the price and volume of non-fungible tokens can be viewed. Besides NFTs, users can even track cryptocurrencies through

Wrap up!

There’s no end to tracking tools and we have tried our best to present the best ones to you. Try these tools and see how life-changing they can be in your NFT journey.