Wonder how people make 6 figures a month trading NFTs?


  • Twitter account Corleone shares the ultimate NFT tool thread to generate 6 figures.
  • Flipping NFTs for cash is far more straightforward than users may imagine.
  • The NFT market has all of the NFL games, which are numerous.

Twitter user Corleone shares the ultimate NFT tool thread helping users earn money trading NFTs. The most excellent way to profit from flipping NFTs is to buy as many as possible when they’re affordable.

Users may have read or heard about how investors and traders have acquired enormous sums of money through NFTs that have transformed their lives. The term “Non-fungible token” is used.

Royalties: An excellent option for passive income is royalties. Royalties are essential to consider when making money from NFTs, despite the initial confusion they may cause.

Lease Out: The renting procedure isn’t a bit complicated; it operates similarly to leasing out a piece of natural land and collecting rent. An NFT can be rented by giving it on loan to someone for a predetermined period in return for cash.

NFT Staking: One benefit of the union of NFTs with decentralized finance protocols is the capacity to stake NFTs. Several platforms let users use any NFT, while others force them to purchase native NFTs to receive staking token rewards.

Game NFT: More recently, games have been developed that utilize more accessible NFTs. With the most recent gaming NFTs, earning money through NFTs is possible with the appropriate information.

Invest in new NFT companies: Investing in NFT firms is an excellent method of generating income from NFTs. Users may make money with NFTs indirectly by investing in NFT firms.

NFT trades: Users may exchange NFTS in addition to selling them. Some business owners and investors buy and sell NFTs like stocks to make money.