Mango Markets drained of $100M, Caitlin Long calls Fed hypocrite


  • Unsettling reports of harassment were noted during an Ethereum Foundation developer conference.
  • On Monday, mining difficulty of Bitcoin hit a new high of all-time.
  • On Wednesday, Caitlin Long called the U.S. central bank hypocrite after BNY Mellon started custodying Bitcoin for certain companies on Tuesday.

This week, crypto Twitter was nothing less than a genuine hive of anxiety-persuading hack news, hot-takes and disclosures. Also, there were rumors that someone had done something inappropriate with a bovine chum. 

However, the undoubted discussion was based on the existing hacking epidemic, which has been increasing during the last few years. 

Though it has just been sixteen days, this month has turned into a bad one in terms of crypto hacks. Moreover, this week has been the worst since four hacks have taken place in just one day. Chainalysis, the chain analytics firm, came up with a thread regarding the criminal hackathon 2022 has proved to be. 

Among the four hacks, Mango Markets, the Solana-inspired crypto trading platform, had suffered the biggest hit, as it lost $100 million. 

ZachXBT, the blockchain detective, drove his fist through the computer upon hearing about it initially. And he did it at his kid’s birthday party. 

The Mango Markets exploit was exciting as well because the hackers seem like working in the interest of depositors of Mango. The proposal mentioned “bad debt” from a bailout that was executed by Solend and Mango Markets in June. 

Alex Valaitis, Elrond Network researcher, shared a popular take. 

Looks like the hackers didn’t cover their tracks. SolScan dodged one attacker. 

However, Eisenberg came clean. Also, he made millions from crypto exploits. He shared that for his recent exploit, he was working for a major organization and their actions were lawful. 

Furthermore, he returned more than half of the rob.

Also, it’s not a good sign in terms of cybercrime.

Moving on, on Monday, Charles Trussell, crypto enthusiast and investor, shared a screenshot showing the ranks of multi-millionaires who suffered maximum losses from Celsius’s high-profile current liquidity plight. Trussell has himself lost $5 million.

Will Clemente of Reflexive Research, a crypto research and trading platform, said that if the existing bitcoin mining environment goes on, the ones to survive will be those who are the fittest. 

On Tuesday, during an Ethereum Foundation developer conference, vocal molestation from an attendee was neglected by the team. However, the complete details were mentioned by Twitter Daphne on her blog/newsletter.

Founder and CEO of upcoming crypto bank Custodiya, Caitlin Long, waited for the Fed for more than two years to get her bank application approved for a master account.