Matt Higgins bought the ENS domain for $50k


  • Matt Higgins has bought an ENS domain for $50k.
  • He was found enquiring about ENS domains on Twitter.
  • 2 digit and 3 digits.ETH domains are very popular and expensive.

One of the Shark Tank investors, Matt Higgins has recently bought a three digit ENS domain for nearly $50k.

In a surprising turn of events, the investor started to enquire on Twitter about ENS domains. To everyone’s surprise, he bought a highly expensive 713.eth domain name within 24 hours.

In response to this event, address.eth tweeted,

The connections of this guy are no joke.

Another Twitter user who goes by 260.eth said in his post,

Matt Higgins was born and raised in NYC. became the NYC press secretary. now he bought 917.eth to rep his city. (nyc is unique, has multiple area #’s)

ENS domains have become increasingly popular in the community. People are bidding millions to acquire one. Mostly 2-digit and 3-digit ENS domains are in demand worldwide and selling for exceptionally high prices.

The ENS domain market flourished last year when people suddenly started to become interested in acquiring rare domain names. The Ethereum Title Service Tweeted,

2m ENS names created! It took 5 years to get to 1m names, then 3.5 months to get to 2m names, and we’re simply getting began.

Matt Higgins bought 713.eth which is not only expensive but special as the numbers indicate area code of Houston, Texas which is popular in music.

Before buying the ENS domain, Matt was enquiring about it on Twitter. It was found that he responded to a tweet by @OGDfarmer about .SOL domains.

In the Tweet, Matt asked,

Are you able to educate me on what you see right here? I’m less than pace.

The Tweet received thousands of corresponding replies where people expressed their views on .ETH domains. Within 24 hours Matt started to bid on high value domains. Some time later, his Twitter profile bio read “New Yorker Forever 917.eth”. According to sources, he had bid on .ETH domains like 917 and 718 as well.