NFT investor shows how to lose $15 M even after being up by 11,000 ETH


  • As CryptoPunks was one of the most profitable NFT collections, the NFT investor became among the first owners of the collection and minted 141 punks for 0.02 ETH.
  • The value of the punks rose significantly, as 0.02 invested during the mint turned into 11,000 ETH, which is worth around $15 million.
  • Signs indicate that the collector who grabbed CryptoPunks at an extremely low cost lost access to the wallet by forgetting his seed phrase.

In a recent tweet, it was revealed that a wallet minted 141 punks for 0.0207 ETH that are now estimated to be valued at over 11,000 ETH. However, it should be noted that the wallet has had no activity since for both NFTs and crypto

As revealed, they were sent to the smithdavid888.eth ENS 8 months ago. Well, what’s there to note is the fact that following its trail to the resolved address, it was found that the address takes you to a connected and suspended Twitter account. As a result of this, various other scam accounts similar to this are using it as a front after knowing that it is inactive. 

CryptoPunks emerged as one of the most profitable NFT collections that we have on the market today. It is best for those who decided to mint them prior to the spike in popularity. This was the case when the NFT investor became one of the first owners to mint 141 punks for 0.02 ETH only. 

The only activity that the wallet provided was the reception of fake or scam tokens that didn’t require the owner’s participation. All signs indicate that the collector who managed to grab CryptoPunks at an extremely low cost did lose access to the wallet as he forgot his seed phrase.