NFTs Are a ‘Profound Invention’ Says Joe Lubin


  • The co-founder of Ethereum and ConsenSys Joe Lubin had a brief talk at Camp Ethereal 2022 last week.
  • He had a brief talk about the NFTs and their abilities and qualities, saying the technology is a ”profound invention” that can change the world.

The NFTs exploded last year onto the mainstream, NFTs have been the best of the cryptocurrencies, The NFTs have been so many projects, that are sold in millions, NFTs have being a great impact on the celebrities too pulling athletes and rappers into the platforms and making millions and made over $25 billion in volume.

While Ethereum is a fan of the NFTs and is the largest platform, co-founder Joe Lubin said on stage that he is also busy trying to make his own NFTs collectibles.

The founder and the CEO of ConsenSys do not hold a lot of NFTs, but he suggested the NFTs are going to change the world, “NFTs are a profound invention, a profound innovation in computer science,”, was said by the founder and CEO of the ConsenSys.

NFTs are blocked-chain which are like cards, And on the cards, there are some digital artworks or some kind of video games. NFTs can be bought and then can be sold later when the price gets higher, NFTs then can be used in the real world which will change the world.

“We are about to turn everything upside down on planet Earth ” was said by Lubin on the stage. “We are about to flip the age of silos into the age of the community, and intermediaries are about to become broad, much more valuable, and much more effective”.

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