NFTs will connect crypto & billions of users, says Avichal Garg


  • Avichal Garg shared his opinions on the upcoming projects set to explode in the bull cycle that will come next.
  • The next bull cycle will happen after 1 year or maybe 2 years.
  • Inflation and interest rates exist for short term only.

CEO and co-founder of Electric Capital, Avichal Garg, calls himself “an NFT maximalist” with a belief that NFTs will have a major role in taking crypto closer to  the masses. NFTs relate to elements of regular life like music, art and games. 

In a statement, he said:

I could imagine that NFTs are actually many billions of people because it’s ultimately culture. And that’s something that everybody can participate in and everybody can understand.

Garg considers the NFTs being used in the gaming industry as bullish. Also, such NFTs are increasing at a rapid speed. 

He further said that in the coming 18-24 months, there will be an onslaught of NFT-inspired games.

According to him, the bear market will last until high inflation rules the macro picture. Having said that, to see the next bull cycle, one has to wait for one or probably two years. Looking beyond the existing  macroeconomic picture for  a period of 10-year, the crypto industry looks bullish to him. 

He shared that factors like inflation and interest rates, rule for short term, i.e. 2-3 years. Talking about the long term, innovation is the only aspect that rules.