Nomad to incentivize hackers to return the stolen $190 million


  • Metagame’s founder shared that he is unsure whether the idea will work, but it will be great if it does.
  • The approach hasn’t received a positive response on Twitter and is taken as a funny move.
  • The first 50 People who return the funds will be given 100 FF tokens.

With a hope that hackers behind the $190 million Nomad Bridge return the funds they stole at the beginning of the month, they are now being incentivized with whitehat NFTs.

The unique NFT will be offered by Metagame, an NFT company. Those who return about 90% of the stolen funds can mint the NFT. 

Brenner Spear, Metagame founder, said that though he isn’t sure whether anyone will return the funds, the move is an effort to establish healthy behavior and harmony in the sector. 

He further said that he hopes people will start doing the right things for the right reasons.  

The NFT serves no functions and represents good faith. 100 FF tokens from Forefront will be given to the first 50 people who return the stolen funds.

Upon discovering a security loophole in the smart contracts of Nomad, bad actors hacked the Nomad Bridge on August 2. Through dubious transactions, they stole money that obviously wasn’t theirs.

Post-mortem analysis revealed that various other copycats too copied the same code that was used to hack; however, they altered the target token, the amount as well as recipient addresses. 

White hat hackers returned about $32.6 million out of $190 million as of August 8.