OVR Announces Collaboration with Ethernaal

  • OVR, augmented reality world, and Ethernaal, a decentralized organization focused on the tattoo revolution have made a major collaboration.
  • This collaboration will bring new options in the metaverse for users. They will be able to add tattoos NFT in their avatar.
  • The partnership also aims at establishing an Artworld center in the metaverse and providing individual platforms to artists.

OVR and Ethernaal have collaborated to bring new innovations in the metaverse. The goal of the collaboration is to redefine tattoo artwork and create a new identity for it in the virtual world. The partnership also focuses on creating a purposeful result and a unique experience for the users.

Expressing his views on the partnership COO/CO-Founder of OVR, Diego Di Tommaso said that OVR’s COO/Co-Founder, Diego Di Tommaso, said that he is very happy for Ethernaal and OVR’s collaboration. It’s a win-win situation and a fantastic opportunity to show off the OVR platform’s ability to exhibit, gamify, and wear trans-metaverse assets represented by NFTs.

OVR and Ethernaal will bring a new revolution to the metaverse. You will be able to add a tattoo NFT to your avatar. This partnership will also bring new results for  web3 and the gaming ecosystem.

The Tattoverse will also be home to the Art world center, an upcoming art hub in the metaverse for art enthusiasts.

OVR plans to develop a personal museum for each artist to display their work to the rest of the world. The ultimate goal will be to connect this large world to the augmented reality platform’s Marketplace (imminent opening).

OVR is an Ethereum Blockchain-based state-of-the-art platform.

Ethernaal is the ultimate place for every tattoo artist with technical knowledge.   

OVR is hosting a global treasure hunt to celebrate this collaboration. The ten players who collect the most Ethernaal 3D objects will receive $5,000 Ethernaal NFTs. This prize distribution will take place from March 21 to April 20.

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