Polygon launches zkEVM, a one-of-a-kind ETH-compatible ZK scaling solution


  • Polygon has launched a zero-knowledge scaling solution “zkEVM” an Ethereum-compatible ZK, which as they have mentioned in their blog, allows developers to utilize any ETH smart contract logically.
  • zkEVM is a one-of-a-kind and world’s first solution that will help not just with scalability but also help curb unnecessary fees.
  • According to sources from Polygon, using the zkEVM is like using a combination of Ethereum and a high power of ZK tech.
  • zkEVM comes with a comprehensive batch and proves its transactions to Ethereum using a ZK validity proof.

Polygon’s seven layers of team help create a highly relatable chain of products. Miden, Zero, and Hermez have in combination given life to zkEVM.

The ZK proof technology batches transactions into groups and broadcasts them as a single transaction, which significantly lowers the gas fees. And further, the Gas fee is distributed among the participants.

Mihailo Bjelic espoused earlier that the aim of Web3 infrastructure is to include Ethereum compatibility, security, and most importantly scalability.

He further elaborated on how these three properties were impossible to put together until now. But Polygon’s zkEVM has successfully managed to set new records by making its way to mass adoption. 

zkEVM is an open-source solution permissionless solution available to use literally. In fact, its code has been published for public use. 

Polygon has revealed that zkEVM testnet will go live soon but hasn’t elaborated on the dates. As per the sources, the mainnet launch may take place at the beginning of 2023.