PoS Consensus-based Wax Blockchain launched NFTHive marketplace


  • WAX Blockchain launched a new NFT marketplace named NFTHive to make collecting better than ever.
  • The sole aim of the platform and the founder is to provide solutions to the investors who are into buying and selling NFTs.
  • The platform also gives the option to select certain categories like art, collectibles, and many more with a single click.

In the current Crypto market trend, after investing in BTC and various other tokens, a collection of NFTs is another highly enticing investment for big investors to amateur crypto fans.  

Keeping in mind the latest trends, WAX Blockchain has launched NFTHive, a marketplace to buy and sell NFTs. 

The revelation was made over the official Twitter handle of WAX Blockchain, stating the latest launch of the new marketplace named NFTHive. The platform seamlessly, easily, and attractively brings together the best collections in the world that can be discovered within the WAX ecosystem. 

In 2022, the world of NFTs is huge, and thousands of new and old collections are waiting for investors to put a hand on them. The main problem is that sorting through the number of accessible collectibles to locate the digital art that speaks to you can be like panning for gold.  

The visionary founder of NFTHive, Ben Petersen, lays emphasis on providing a solution to the problem he saw and went above and beyond for what was required.   

The platform examines the entire WAX ecosystem and gathers each collection in one place for your viewing, purchasing, selling, and trading pleasures. 

Filtering is essential for accessibility and improves users’ quality of life globally. NFTHive is doing great, and it keeps on getting better. 

You can search certain categories, including Play-to-Earn, Art, Collectibles, PFP, Games, and more, with the click of a button, ensuring that you only view the content you’re interested in. 

The Hive also provides management tools for your growing collection, rankings for completed sets, and curated collections. Additionally, you can make a bid for an NFT using a Template ID that anyone who owns that item can see and accept. 

Petersen says,

NFTHive is a WAX NFT multi-tool. And it is, in fact!