Robinhood Wallet Mobile App officially launched


  • Robinhood has finally launched the Robinhood Wallet iOS app.
  • The Robinhood Wallet has over 1 million members on its global waitlist.
  • An Android version will be released by the end of this year.

Robinhood has officially introduced the Robinhood Wallet mobile app, which includes Ethereum and Polygon token buying and NFT monitoring. The wallet is currently available to 1 million potential users.

The Robinhood Wallet app is a self-custody wallet that serves as your connection to Web3, where you may exchange crypto for free on Polygon. Robinhood Wallet allows you complete control over your crypto assets on the Polygon and Ethereum networks, allowing you to own and manage the secret key to the holdings.

Robinhood Wallet is an engaging, limited solitary software with the straightforward and intuitive style that Robinhood users have become accustomed to. Robinhood Wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet made available by the Robinhood trading system. It is presently under beta testing. However, for users who are experimenting with the Robinhood Web3 Wallet, it is a simple method to trade and shift cryptocurrency with no network costs.

Browsing NFTs and linking to NFT markets will be enabled when Robinhood Wallet is released to the general public, but it is not yet included in the beta program. There are currently over 1 million users on the global waitlist for the Robinhood Wallet. Customers who have not yet joined up may do so immediately.

Polygon, an Ethereum sidechain, is used by the Robinhood Wallet to provide exchanges without trading fees. It also implemented Ethereum support today. Eventually this year, Android support will be added.