Shiba Inu is getting all the attention of the Whales, Here’s why


  • The giant Ethereum whales have acquired Shiba Inu meme coins worth $8 million in the last two days, according to the multi-chain wallet tracker WhaleStats.
  • Last week, Jim Cramer, the host of CNBC’s Mad Money, advised investors to avoid risky investments such as Shiba.
  • According to a recent WhaleStats tweet, the whales’ SHIB stockpile has increased by $8,000,000 over the weekend.

According to the multi-chain wallet tracker WhaleStats, the giant Ethereum whales have acquired Shiba Inu meme coins worth $8 million during the last two days. It occurred after Jim Cramer of CNBC advised investors not to purchase cryptocurrencies in general, and SHIB and DOGE in particular. The price of SHIB is about to rise upward after it printed a sizable green candle and tried to surpass the four-hour MA 200.

According to a recent tweet by WhaleStats, the whales’ SHIB stockpile has grown significantly by $8,000,000 over the past weekend. The corresponding number is 643,086,816,720. The top 500 wallets owned slightly more than $147 million in the second-largest canine coin after the previous week. 

They currently possess SHIB valued at $155,359,382. Anonymous wallets also poured copious amounts of SHIB on Friday and Saturday. Three other significant SHIB transactions were also sent to sell on Binance by a mysterious whale, along with the purchase of 114,952,894,138 Shiba Inus. Whales wired a combined 281 billion Shiba last Saturday.

Jim Cramer, the host of CNBC’s Mad Money show, advised investors last week to stay away from hazardous investments and, in particular, to stay away from cryptocurrency and “get memed.” This is likely to mean staying away from meme stocks and meme coins Dogecoin and SHIB. Influencer David Gokhshtein, who mentioned it to his followers on Twitter, is one of many who has this opinion.

He said it shortly after a speech by Fed Chairman Jerome Powell, who declared that the central bank would maintain its aggressive posture and restrictive monetary policy. Powell urged that we “stop doing stupid things with our money,” he recalled telling the CNBC audience. Powell also acknowledged that reducing inflation may hurt American individuals and businesses “slightly.”

Shiba has been in the news recently because a Twitter user going by the handle @shibaplay_ just published a link to Etherscan to show how a mysterious whale transmitted an astounding 114.9 billion Shiba Inu tokens. Since the SHIB balance at the sender’s address was depleted, it is no longer home to any Shiba Inus.