STARL Launches Play Pass To Play, Interact & Earn in Starl Metaverse


  • The Pass provides options and flexibility and reduces fees for the user.
  • A user can load up as much or little as they would like in a single transaction.
  • Most items purchased using the STARL Play Pass can be accessed with $STARL on the marketplace.

In their development chats and discussions, STARL metaverse’s team thought to develop a way that allows making single transactions in $STARL pay the single gas fee and buy many game credits to play where gas fees were not required for each transaction.

The idea inspired Starcade and gave birth to STARL Play Pass.

STARL_Official introduced the STARL Play Pass through a post on Twitter:

The STARL Play Pass allows a metaverse side gas-free payment system for certain games and limited items. Using the $STARL token through the STARL marketplace, points for the STARL Play Pass can be purchased. These points can be used to play games and accessories.

The Pass is an optional way to transact in the metaverse and provides flexibility for users to choose which items they would like to have as an NFT or not. Each Pass Point will have a value of $0.01 USD. Pass Points will be a prerequisite to playing games in the Starcade. Depending on the type and level of play, its cost will differ. Other areas will require a $STARL token from the blockchain.

Pass Points are not an investment; hence, transferring them isn’t possible once they are bought. Instead, they must be used in the metaverse or STARL Gameside store.

One major reason to use the Pass system in the STARCADE is that certain games will cost only a few cents, and paying gas on each transaction will add up. With time, hundreds of plays will add up. Having only one transaction in $ETH to buy STARL Play Pass Points and getting to play hundreds of times makes it a smart choice.

STARL Play Pass will enable bundles of items to be purchased, whether one buys a group of assets at a discount or buys Pass Points and Assets bundled together as a discount. Later, it can be used in the metaverse or minted and sold on the STARL Marketplace as an NFT at one’s chosen price.

STARL Play Pass can also be used in Warp Nexus and living modules.