STARL Metaverse Now Open for All in Early Access

The STARL Metaverse team is proud to announce that the game has taken off for early access and now offers players a 24/7 upgrade to the physical world. The full-time opening of this incredible interactive universe realizes the promise from the developers that it will provide an ever-expanding experience and today’s early access launch fulfills that by adding several all-new features. 

The STARL Metaverse Project is unique among the throng of similar experiences. For starters, its token is fully distributed. There will also never be a requirement for players to buy NFTs to get in and play in this world. STARL is all about inclusivity, and never focuses on forcing people to spend money in order to take part in the galactic-sized playground that the team is creating. No purchases are required to hop in, get involved, and play with the many toys that are constantly being added to the STARL project.

New systems added for this opening of early access will provide players an expanded social universe filled with exploration, discovery, and creation alongside artistic expression, gaming, trading, and collecting assets in a massive virtual blockchain economy. Players are invited to explore beyond physical limitations and take a peek just beyond the horizon. The fun is just beginning.

New features and systems added for 24/7 early access include:

  • Warp Nexus’ Space Flight and Combat Demo
  • Character Customization complete with wild and zany body parts, heads, and more
  • The Living Module Open House allows players to explore homes they can buy and decorate 
  • The next Living Module sale coming soon

The early access version of the STARL Metaverse is now available and free for download from the official site. Everyone is invited to come and check out all the ways that STARL Metaverse is unlike anything else in the universe.

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