Thailand’s SCB 10X Launches Virtual HQ in The Sandbox Metaverse

  • SCB 10X said that its offices will be used to exhibit product recommendations and attract designers along with community developers.
  • The fourth largest bank of Thailand has organized a virtual headquarters in The Sandbox.
  • SCB has become the second financial institution to join the virtual world after the first institution that joined last month.

The fourth-largest bank of Thailand has decided to set up its shop within the metaverse called The Sandbox. The Sandbox is built by Animoca Brands. SCB 10X of Thailand has not become the second major institution to enter into the virtual world. The first was JP Morgan’s platform which joined last month.

SCB has announced that as a part of the launching, they will be hosting an event called “Open House in The Metaverse” on the 11th of March. In this event, they will showcase their virtual headquarters where discussions and workshops will take place.

The chief investment officer Mukaya Pinch said that blockchain, DeFi, metaverse, and digital assets, which are the digital finance of the future, greatly interest them and they are willing to explore it further.

They also stated that the metaverse will definitely play a crucial role in enabling the incredible greetings in the digital world as it would shape the future greatly. SCB also mentioned that the sole purpose of their headquarters is to invite the users and help them engage with the world. The world of Thai culture is to reflect the past, present as well as future.

The visitors will also be able to surf three different environments in order to attend the virtual events, share a working environment, and engage with the attendees from all across the globe. SCB hoped that their launching will inspire collaboration and provide others with great ideas.

The collaboration between SCB and The Sandbox will be a huge success. They are striving to pursue the metaverse as it’s a huge deal to them.

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