Last 30 Days Top 10 NFT Projects by Sales on BNB Chain

Every day one or the other NFT collection surpasses its contenders and tops the sales chart. Though certain collections are habitual of staying at the top, to make wise decisions regarding NFTs, analyzing their performance and statistics is undeniably important. 

Let us take a look at the top 10 performing NFT projects that outperformed the BNB chain during the last few days in terms of total sales.

Top 10 NFT Projects

1. Galxe OAT

The first top NFT project from the top 10 NFT projects list is Galxe OAT. The collection is a digital badge standard based on both the Polygon and BNB Chain and records on-chain as well as off-chain life experiences of users. Galxe OAT has secured the first rank with total sales of 12K at a monthly sales volume of 10 BNB and a floor price <0.01 BNB. 

2. Multiverse

A collection of 3D avatar NFTs, Multiverse was developed by Ultiverse and has its own skills and personality. The collection has grabbed the second spot with a total of 6,426 sales and a monthly sales volume of 215 BNB. The floor price for the last 30 days was 0.02 BNB.

3. G3M NFT

The collection defines itself as “emitting warm purple light while being inactive and being one among the various fragments of a larger, iconic artifact.” G3M NFT Series is in third place with total sales during the last 30 days recorded at 3,197, for a monthly sales volume of 5 BNB. Coming to the floor price, it was <0.01 BNB.

4. Lifeform Items

The collection contains certain items like hats, chains, and shoes as NFTs. Lifeform items also performed great and had total sales of 2,908. While the monthly sales volume for the duration of 30 days was recorded at 102 BNB, the floor price was <0.01 BNB.


SPACE ID aims at creating a universal name service network to connect assets, individuals, and information throughout all blockchains and apps. At number five, the collection had total sales of 2,882. The collection’s 30-day monthly sales volume was 318 BNB, and the floor price was <0.01 BNB.

6. Polychain Monsters

These are exquisite digital collectibles that have different varying scarcities and are backed by unique NFTs. The total sales of the collection were 2,541, and the monthly sales volume was 58 BNB. Polychahin Monsters’ floor price was <0.01 BNB.

7. Sweep Members Club

The Sweep Members Club collection is the official NFT of Sweeptoken and had total sales of 1,778 in the past 30 days. The monthly sales volume of the collection was 89 BNB, while the floor price was recorded at 0.08 BNB.

8. Playbux Early Bird Quest

Playbux is a metaverse based on the BNB chain that incorporates virtual communities, shop to earn, and blockchain services. Over the period of 30 days, the collection made a total of 860 sales, for a monthly sales volume of 12 BNB. The floor price during the time-period was <0.01 BNB.

9. Pome Survival Companion Pet

The collection is home to cute and colorful animated puppies as NFTs. 814 sales were made by the collection in the last 30 days. While the monthly sales volume was 4 BNB, the floor price was <0.01 BNB.

10. ShopNEXT NFT Cards

ShopNEXT NFT Cards refer to a Web3-based loyalty platform that’s supported by the BNB chain and Visa. The collection made 636 sales in the last 30 days, for a monthly sales volume of 7 BNB. The floor price was <0.01 BNB.

Disclaimer: The data and statistics mentioned in the article are taken from the OpenSea NFT marketplace.