holds the first Metaverse Gourmet Event


  • holds the first metaverse Gourmet Event to explore food and travel digitalization development.
  • Along with the event, it also announced its Gourmet 2022 Global Restaurants Awards.
  • At the awards, over 7000 global restaurants were nominated and selected for various categories, especially crafts, by a panel of 76 juries. group held the first metaverse Gourmet Event for global users in collaboration with Sands China. Ltd. Along with that, it also announced its Gourmet 2022 Global Restaurant Awards. 

The idea behind holding this event in the metaverse was to encourage maximum participation, and the venue was The Londoner Macao, built together by and Sands China Ltd. 

The Awards were a significant part of the event, which included 76 judges in the panel, including hotel caterers, destination restaurant association representatives, culinary service industry representatives, and many more. More than 7000 restaurants were selected, ranging from fine dining to street food. Various tags like “Traditional Style”, “Internet Influencer Pick”, “Late Night Restaurants”, and “Brunch Restaurant” were given to some selected restaurants. 

The list by was inclusive of various restaurants ranging from high-end to street food. As a “City of Gastronomy “, Macao has several restaurants that offer international culinary experience and traditional Chinese flavours. 

At the event, Group, Shanghai Digital Exchange, Tencent and Sands China Ltd. also launched various customized NFRs on the group platform. Providing an immersive and elevated traveller experience, the entire event focused on boosting the role of culinary arts in tourism.