Uniswap in talk with multiple lending protocols for NFT financialization


  • Uniswap is looking forward to managing liquidity troubles and the information asymmetry around NFTs.
  • Twitter users have given a double-sided response on the decision.
  • Uniswap is on a spree to include NFT activity in its service offerings.

According to Scott Lewis, Uniswap’s head of NFT products, Uniswap is in talks with a number of NFT lending protocols.  

The aim of Uniswap for such talks and partnerships with lending protocols is NFT 

financialization; however, Twitter users responded in a double-sided way. Certain users called the move a step to strengthen the future of decentralized finance.

As far as other users are concerned, they questioned the intention behind Uniswap’s interest in NFT financialization. Further, they said it is taking advantage of liquidation profits.

In the past months, Uniswap has taken major steps to incorporate NFT activity in the services it offers.  

In June, the company acquired Genie, an NFT marketplace aggregation platform with the goal of enabling users to both find and trade digital assets.

After a short time, Lewis shared plans of Uniswap to introduce NFTs with Sudoswap support. 

In 2019, Uniswap launched Unisocks, the first rendition of NFT liquidity pools. However, the reason behind the recent move is that digital assets get more traction as well as utility both inside and outside the DeFi space.