VOXverse Partners With Tokenproof To Handle ‘Summer of Soul’ Event Ticketing


  • VOXVerse is looking forward to collaborating with Tokenproof.
  • The partnership is meant to handle ticketing for the Summer of Soul event.
  • Tokenproof offers secure token-gating solutions to allow users to prove ownership of NFTs wallets.

Last week, we read about the partnership between Gala Games and Unity Technologies in a $20 million professional services deal. Both Gala Games & Unity Joined Forces To Build Voxverse Metaverse, and as a part of the deal, developers and real-time 3D platform experts from Unity will join to work with Gallium to support work on VOXverse.

VOX is unique, collectible characters that belong to the Gala Games ecosystem and are meant for use in the upcoming VOX Odyssey and the more ambitious VOXverse. Certain VOXes are themed in partnership with other Gala projects like The Walking Dead: Empires. These will provide utility in the VOX games and in their partner projects.

Players can place their VOX into their towns in Townstar. Upon completion of daily challenges, the VOX earns a bonus of TownCoin depending on the VOX rarity score. VOx’s score can be checked on Rarity Tools. Moreover, VOX owners are eligible to get a surprise airdrop from time to time.

According to the recent tweet by VOXVerse, a partnership is on the cards between it and Tokenproof. The reason behind the collaboration is handling ticketing for the Summer of Soul event in NYC that’s scheduled for June 22.

Tokenproof ownership of NFTs can be proved without depending on the wallet. As of now, there are no details about the partnership, and VOXVerse has asked everyone to wait for them, as things will be shared soon.