Warner Bros. Is Generating 6 Million DC Comics Trading Cards With NFTs

  • Warner Bros will create about 6 million DC Comic Trading cards that will be redeeming NFTs.
  • These “hybrid” packs will be available in the price range from 5 dollars to 120 dollars.
  • The buyers will use an app known as Hro in order to access their NFT cards in physical form.

It was reported that Warner Bros is creating around six million Trading cards of DC comics with redeemable NFTs. These packs will have a price range from $5 to $120 and the buyers will be able to access their physical NFT cards through a mobile application known as Hro.

Over six million DC Comics-inspired physical trading cards bundled with redeemable NFTs will be available later this month, according to Warner Bros.

The cards will be designed by a card and board game company, known as Cartamundi. It will feature around 155 different superheroes. You can purchase these NFTs with Ethereum Sidechain Immutable X.

Warner Bros. is also planning to issue a number of limited edition cards that will use the images and characters from the latest films from DC Comics, “The Batman”. It will be starring Robert Pattinson.

NFTs or non-fungible tokens are basically digital tokens within blockchains such as Ethereum. It signifies ownership of assets to whoever mints them. The NFTs are often said to be the same as the trading cards because of their rarities, values as well as because of their being a collectible item.

Pam Lifford, president of global brands & experiences for WB states that fans are really fond of trading cards and it has been their favorite for several decades. So, combining them with a custom NFT is definitely a wonderful idea.

The buyers will have to redeem their physical cards NFTs by downloading a mobile application known as Hro. It will enable the user to buy, sell and trade with other collections.

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