Web3Intelligence Secures $4.5 Million in Funding Before Launching New Token


  • Web3Intelligence secures a notable $4.5 million in funding, gearing up to launch its innovative token, DOPE.
  • The new token, pivotal for accessing the Dopamine app, marks a significant stride in gamified decentralized finance experiences.
  • This strategic move includes unique anti-money laundering infrastructure, blending digital asset compliance with traditional financial standards.

Web3 Intelligence, a pioneering force in the Web3investment landscape, recently announced a successful $4.5 million fundraising venture. This significant financial boost comes ahead of their highly anticipated native token DOPE’s launch. Among the notable participants in this private funding round were DAO MAKER, Shima Capital, and Gate.io, alongside many other investors.

The new utility token, DOPE, will be pivotal in accessing Dopamine, Web3Intelligence’s innovative app. Dopamine is designed to offer a gamified experience for users interested in decentralized finance (DeFi). According to the company’s statement, DOPE will be listed on centralized and decentralized exchanges in the first quarter.

Moreover, institutions investing in DOPE will gain access to Web3Intelligence’s advanced anti-money laundering (AML) infrastructure. This unique system rates Web3 wallets based on compliance and encapsulates this data on-chain through non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This approach reflects the company’s commitment to ensuring high compliance standards like those in traditional finance.

Karim Chaib, CEO of Web3 Intelligence, emphasized the significance of their AML system. He stated that their ability to aggregate and standardize AML information enables them to provide a comprehensive view of Web3 wallets. This view aligns with the expectations of compliance officers and users eager for a thorough understanding of their digital asset portfolios.

The introduction of DOPE and the associated AML infrastructure highlight Web3Intelligence’s dedication to bridging the gap between the dynamic world of digital assets and the stringent compliance standards of traditional finance. This strategic move is set to enhance the experience of both institutional and individual investors in the DeFi sector.

As the digital asset landscape evolves, Web3Intelligence’s efforts to provide accessible, compliant, innovative solutions are more critical than ever. Their recent funding success and the upcoming token launch are pivotal steps in their journey to redefine investment experiences in the digital age.

With the DOPE token poised for release, Web3 Intelligence is gearing up to set new benchmarks in integrating gamification and compliance in digital asset investment. This move signals a significant step forward in the evolution of DeFi, offering investors a unique blend of engagement, security, and compliance.