21-year-old Natalia Murillo raises $5M to boost NFT fandom via Koop


  • Murillo calls a Koop to be a socioeconomic network
  • Creators can single-handed control wallets of their groups and execute decisions
  • Koop’s technology allows consumers to be active participants in firms

Natalia Murillo was introduced to the cryptographic technique of zero-knowledge proofs by a professor while she was an undergraduate. Immediately, the connection between her and web3 & blockchain clicked in such a way that she dropped out of college and invested ~$5,000 which she owed to her name in NFTs and now she owns Koop, a web3 company.

She co-founded the company with CTO Conner Chyung. Koop has been launched to the public recently after being in private beta for two months. 

Koop is a protocol that supports communities and creators to release NFT-dependent membership passes and ultimately generate funds for projects. 

Koops belong to members who vote as to how to spend the treasury funds of the group. It can be created to launch a venture fund or to establish a clothing brand. However, talking about its use cases, they point toward content creators who look forward to establishing communities of interactive and engaging fans.

Treasuries of Koops’ 50 active communities have blessed the platform with a volume of $850 million. Moreover, 8,500 groups are on the waitlist to form Koops. 

According to the company, sign-ups are increasing 4x every week. Talking about the existing users, they include The Heart Project, musicians with creatorDAOs and gaming guilds, Mems NFT, and 1confirmation.

The latest announcement by the company states that through $5 million in funding,  it is coming out of stealth. The funding is led by 1confirmation and web3 creator economy-focused Variant Fund. There will be participation from DeFi Alliance, 0xmons, Day One Ventures, PearVC, Ethereal Ventures, angel investors, DCF God, Palm Tree Crew, and Volt Capital along with Cooper Turley (crypto influencer), Balaji Srinivasan (ex-Coinbase CTO and a16z investor) and Liu Jiang (former Sequoia partner).

Murillo says that Koops is sort of similar to a DAO; however, it has some major differences as well. 

The Koop is light in weight, social experiences based, centralized, small in size, and allows groups to revolve around short-term goals or even dissolve the Koop upon achieving it.

In her statement, Murillo said:

Inside of Koop, you’re not replaceable. You’re actually a unique individual in the context of this larger ecosystem.