$3M in spot reward for the NFT football cup at OKX Festival


  • In advance of the international football teams’ meeting this month in Qatar, the OKX Football Festival was today inaugurated by the second-largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world by trading volume.
  • The NFT Football Cup, the 2022 OKX Football Cup Trading Competition, and the Earn Super Hatrick fan token staking series make up the OKX Football Festival.
  • The NFT Football Cup1 is the opening event of the OKX Football Festival and features a total of $1M in spot rewards.

OKX is offering fans a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with a $3 million prize pool. For the 2022 OKX Football Cup Trading Competition and the NFT Football Cup. Three NFTs featuring the fan’s favorite national teams are the maximum that can be created. 

As their preferred team advances in the competition, NFT holders will also receive significant bonuses. In addition, participation is open to anybody with a wallet for Ethereum, and there are awards for referring friends as well as incentives for new users.

On November 20, Qatar will host the inaugural FIFA Globe Cup, which the entire world will watch. A unique event, the OKX Football Festival, has been created by the cryptocurrency trading platform OKX to honor this esteemed tournament. This includes a trading competition, an NFT game, and special platform wagering opportunities. The $3 million total prize pool is set aside for this football competition!

According to Haider Rafique, Chief Marketing Officer of OKX, “OKX is designed to help people find novel and imaginative ways to enjoy their hobbies.” I have faith that these online encounters will serve to bring the cryptocurrency and football communities together and introduce newcomers to the world of alternatives that Web3 and cryptocurrency have to offer when we fly our flags in support of our nation’s teams in 2022 this year. There are qualifying and elimination rounds in the FIFA World Cup. People can sign up to receive three free NFTs from their favorite teams.

The NFT Football Cup rewards players for supporting the national teams of their countries and is free to enter. However, it is crucial to stress that participants must gamble 10 USDT for each NFT, but that their money will be returned at the end of the competition.