STEPN denies all claims of layoff


  • STEPN denies all reports of major employee layoffs.
  • South China Morning Post published a report on its post stating that STEPN has laid off over 100 contract employees.
  • STEPN is a popular move-to-earn game app.

The renowned media agency, South China Morning Post has published reports claiming that the company has laid off its workers including community moderators, ambassadors, and others.

The report says that STEPN has taken such a step to due the decrease in the player count amidst the crypto winter.

The report stated,

Find Satoshi Labs has terminated the contracts of more than 100 community moderators of the game’s social media channels and “ambassadors”, whom the company pays to promote the game in different regions

However, STEPN completely disagrees with all such claims. In an email reply to the South China Morning Post, the company denied it by saying that it is not laying off its staff but has “parted ways” with “volunteer” moderators who had not been active recently. The company also added that it is actually actively hiring for several roles in the team.

STEPN Co-Founder Yawn Rong tweeted that the company is going through a transition phase.

Rong has made it very clear that they will be focusing all their efforts and directing all resources to Find Satoshi Labs. It is the parent company of STEPN. According to Rong’s Tweets, they are deeply involved in bringing the next steps of evolution in the FSL ecosystem.

He said that they will be concentrating on three main areas of improvement in web 3.0.

Our mission for the FSL ecosystem is to solve the three main problems plaguing Web3: 1. Providing utility for NFTs; 2. Establishing Web3 identity and social components; 3. Removing the barrier to enter Web3 through education, in order to onboard the next billion users.

However, according to Wu Blockchain, this means the company is cutting its resources in STEPN.

Wu Blockchain said in

It began to focus on promoting its parent company Find Satoshi Lab, and mainly focused on new projects to be released such as the NFT exchange market,

One of the STEPN spokespersons said,

We remain strong and continue to build, grow, and evolve despite the bear market,

We pride ourselves in being transparent with our community and we are choosing to address these rumors head on to avoid any further speculation on falsehoods.

We at STEPN are disappointed that we even have to address baseless rumors, but we will continue to do what we do best,”