Rarity Sniper Partners With OKX Exchange to Share NFT Rarity Data


  • Rarity Sniper’s has joined hands with the NFT marketplace and cryptocurrency exchange OKX.
  • OKX shoppers now have a tool to improve their NFT buying decisions.
  • Rarity snipers in the community will have another site to access industry-leading rarity rankings.

Rarity Sniper collaborates with the NFT marketplace and OKX to offer improved rarity data.

Despite having a wide range of effects in the NFT world, the collaboration will favor NFT buyers in two major ways.

Talking about the first benefit, shoppers on OKX will have an abundant volume of rarity data. As rarity is among the major factors to value NFTs, improved rarity data integration will allow shoppers to have more tools that will help them in making better decisions regarding NFT buying.

Moving on to the second benefit, Rarity Snipers and those belonging to the Rarity Sniper community will have another site to access industry-leading rarity data, which includes over 1,500 NFT collections. Thus, Rarity Snipers will have data while shopping and without leaving the OKX site.

Finding the Rarity Sniper starts with navigating to the OKX page for the required NFT. There are two coins underneath the large black font on the upper left- Rarity’s Sniper’s logo that has a red circle with a blue diamond inside, and another one is NFT’s rarity ranking. The latter is in a string of numbers.

Rarity Sniper Partners With OKX

The properties option is a little lower on the page featuring different attributes of the NFT along with the percentage of NFTs in the collection that shares those attributes.The Rarity Sniper is a blessing for shoppers regarding informed buying decisions. Details about rarity rankings of an NFT collection can be viewed by clicking the NFT’s rarity number and navigating to Rarity Sniper’s website.