American Idol will Launch Contestant-Based NFTs on ThetaDrop


  • Taking the entertainment factor further for its fans, American Idol is launching NFT trading cards in its 20th season.
  • These collectibles will be available on Theta Network’s ThetaDrop marketplace, which is known for being green and low cost.
  • This move will enhance Theta Network’s image by establishing it as the go-to network for entertainment-based NFT drops.

American Idol, the iconic global talent show is looking forward to NFT treatment for its 20th season. The show will now launch contestant-based digital trading cards as NFTs.

The non-fungible tokens will be available on Theta Network’s ThetaDrop NFT marketplace.

Check out the official tweet:

On a purchase of an NFT Card Pack for $99, each fan will receive a random Top 14 candidate NFT card. For five weeks, as more and more contestants are eliminated, collectors with required number of contestant cards will be awarded unique rewards.  

As the season progresses towards its final episode, collectors having the NFT of the winner will receive exclusive Winner’s Ticket to Hollywood NFT. The ticket can be redeemed for a physical ticket.

Engaging fans in communities through NFTs is how companies are functioning these days. As non-fungible tokens are always open to gather a mass audience, seeing the reactions of American Idol fans will be quite interesting.

On 25th April, rewards for the first week will be announced. An NFT with American Idol 20th Anniversary Animated Logo will be gifted to the collectors with an NFT of only one of the remaining contestants. While in the second week, $300 TDROP each will be gifted to the collectors with NFTs of two surviving contestants. These token will be deposited into their ThetaDrop account. The third week will reward VIP Bronze benefits in the ThetaDrop accounts of the collectors who own four contestant NFTs of contestants.

American Idol’s plan
American Idol’s plan

In his statement, Mitch Liu, CEO of ThetaLabs said,

When you’re collaborating with internationally-renowned entertainment brands, it doesn’t get much bigger than American Idol.

He further added, “With our Theta-powered real-time predictive NFTs, fans will be able to go beyond voting for the contestants and become a judge themselves – celebrating with their favorites and collecting rewards as they move through each qualifying round to the finals.”

Having collaborated on NFTs with various leading brands and popular artists, Theta Network’s latest partner is American Idol.

Megan Michaels Wolflick, the series’ Showrunner, and Executive Producer said, “At American Idol, we are constantly challenging ourselves to be on the forefront of innovation”.

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