Animoca Brands and LayerZero launches Hackerhouse Project


  • LayerZero and Animoca Brands joined hands for their new projects.
  • The first trip was to Hong Kong on December 12 of this year.
  • This project demonstrates real-world applications and virtual assets using blockchain technology.

The LayerZero-Animoca Brands Hackerhouse worldwide project was formed by Animoca Brands and LayerZero to develop cross-chain protocols and illustrate real-world applications of interoperable digital products.

Organising the first visit to Hong Kong was successful on December 12, 2022. About 50 attendees from over 25 firms participated in the event to build models based on LayerZero’s omnichain protocol and participate in discussions with guest presenters from collaborating firms. 

Each firm made a warm welcome, confirming Hong Kong’s commitment to promoting domestic blockchain and virtual assets developments, cultivating the local talent pool, and presenting the city as the region’s preeminent technological hub.

LayerZero-Animoca Brands Hackerhouse is a global organization that aims to organize hackerhouse events in major cities all over the world each year, with the foremost purpose of bringing together developers, initiatives, and businesses interested in an omnichain future to conceptualize and construct proofs-of-concept that will push the specialized limits of cross-chain norms. 

This program is also a component of Animoca Brands’ more significant attempt to exhibit real-world use models for blockchain-based technologies and digital products to encourage constructive engagement between the blockchain community and other related personnel.

Yat Siu, co-founder and executive chairman of Animoca Brands, highlighted his delight in working with LayerZero on this worldwide endeavor to enhance and standardize interoperability solutions. It also serves as a gathering place for essential parties to meet, discuss, and observe the possibilities of entirely interoperable digital assets.

The partnership with Animoca Brands, according to LayerZero co-founder and CEO Bryan Pellegrino, represents a significant advancement in the company’s goals.

Animoca Brands is a virtual entertainment, cryptocurrency, and gaming company seeking to enhance digital ownership rights and contribute to the development of the public virtual world.

To create decentralized apps across several blockchains quickly and without any trust, LayerZero is an Omnichain interoperability protocol.