BabyDoge announces the completion of their swap; invites the community to join on August 15


  • BabyDoge’s new announcement turned out to be the completion of their swap.
  • The testnet for the same to go live in seven days, followed by which the entire community can join them.
  • One hundred people may get the chance to be beta testers.

In a recent announcement made on the official Twitter handle of BabyDoge, it has been noticed that the coin has completed its swap. BabyDoge revealed that they are honored to invite the entire community to join the team as soon as the testnet goes live on August 15, Tuesday. 

Just a day before, Baby Doge shared a tweet on its official Twitter handle that they were going to announce something big today. However, the thought of the announcement was confusing as the community was not entirely sure in which direction the announcement was going. 

Some people in the community thought the announcement could be related to Binance, while some guessed for the swap. Well, the big news turned out to be a piece of good news for all, and the speculations of the community about the swap came true. 

The BabyDogeSwap has really come as a significant piece of news as it will facilitate the lowest fees on the Binance Smart Chain. This marks the sign that things are really getting serious with Baby Doge. However, what adds more to the value of Baby Doge is the fact that it offers the highest quality rewards on the Binance Smart Chain. 

As revealed in the official tweet, the team behind Baby Doge will launch the swap a day earlier than the decided day in case the tweet gets 15 retweets. Another major key takeaway in the news was that 100 random people who RT may stand a chance to get an invite to be a beta tester.