BabyDogeSwap goes live on BSC test net; Baby Doge shares guide to mint free tokens


  • Baby Doge has announced that the BabyDogeSwap is now live on the Binance Smart Chain test net.
  • One of the most awaited moments has now arrived for the supporters of Baby Doge, as they will now be able to mint free tokens.
  • Baby Doge has also shared a guide to using test net to mint free tokens.

Popular meme coin, Baby Doge, has recently made an announcement regarding BabyDogeSwap going live on the Binance Smart Chain test net. The token took it to their official Twitter handle to announce that the much-awaited moment had now arrived.

Most recently, BabyDogeSwap was launched on the BSC test net, and the Baby Doge community could not be more satisfied with this rollout. In addition, Baby Doge has shared a guide that will help people use the test net to mint free tokens. The guide is made available in a comprehensive video format that you can go through to learn how to mint free tokens.

Around a week ago, Baby Doge announced that they are honored to invite the entire community to join the team following the test net going live on August 16, Tuesday. The BabyDogeSwap has come to the Baby Doge community as a boon as it adds notably to the value of Baby Doge. 

Along with this, it should be noted that the BabyDogeSwap will facilitate the lowest fees on the Binance Smart Chain. Moreover, Baby Doge shared a piece of news revealing that around 100 random people who RT could stand a chance to get an invite to be a beta tester.