Beeple warns his Discord server members about wallet drainer exploit


  • Beeple shared that links that point to his Discord server are compromised.
  • The links are directed towards a harmful copycat server, which can result in users’ losing their assets in case they link a wallet for verification.
  • There’s been an increase in such illegal activities since the past months.

Beeple, the high-profile NFT artist, shared that there’s been hacking and modification to the links that direct to his Discord server. As a result, the links redirect followers and fans to a faux copycat server that is designed to swipe tokens and NFTs from users who interact with it.

Beeple’s server has been created exclusively for collectors of his NFT work. According to his tweet, it seems that the server needs ownership verification by linking an Ethereum wallet that has an eligible NFT. If a user links the particular wallet to the harmful copycat server, it will allow the criminals to steal tokens and NFTs that are in the wallet.  

Such scams have increased in the past months since hijacked accounts are used by attackers with the intention of spreading nasty links that drain the wallet. Though a number of artists and projects have encountered such hacks on Twitter, the scams have been performed on Instagram and Discord too.

Once a user links to the smart contract followed by enabling broad access permissions to a genuine app (genuine according to them), they give attackers the charge to steal assets from their (user) wallet.

However, no certain examples have been observed by Beeple that claim being affected by the harmful Discord links. Also, he has slammed Discord and called it garbage in his tweet. 

In June, Gordon Goner, BAYC co-creator, shared his perspective when the Discord server of the project was compromised. His tweet read:  

Discord isn’t working for Web3 communities. We need a better platform that puts security first.

In 2021, Discord’s CEO & co-founder, Jason Citron, faced backlash upon teasing work on native incorporation of crypto wallets. 

Later, he tweeted that Discord isn’t looking forward to shipping the internal concept.

As of now, instead of depending on tools provided by Discord, its servers depend on third-party automated wallet verification solutions.