Beijing announces metaverse innovation and development plan for 2022-2024


  • Beijing’s municipal government has announced a two-year metaverse innovation & development plan.
  • The development program features integration of technical means like Geographic Information System and 3D visualization.
  • Municipalities will track NFT technology trends apart from integrating metaverse into tourism and education.

The municipal government of Beijing has announced a metaverse innovation and development plan owing to which all districts will have to follow the recently released Web3 innovation plan. The duration of the plan is 2 years, i.e. from 2022-2024.

The plan defined the metaverse as the new generation of innovation and information technology integration that aims to push the expansion of the internet towards Web3. Furthermore, the plan emphasizes on promoting the metaverse-based industries besides supporting Beijing in becoming the perfect example of the digital economy.

According to the plan, districts must create technological infrastructure at a city level followed by promoting its utility in tourism and education

The development program will include integrating the technical means like GIS and 3D visualization for the building of an urban space digital platform. Also, it will innovate the digital native intelligent infrastructure layout.

Municipalities and districts have been instructed to provide both financial as well as human resource assistance to establish a virtual reality. The government has further asked for tracking the NFT technology trends other than analyzing sandbox programs in order to support innovation.

Today NFT News earlier reported that NFT platforms are expanding in China despite the government warnings. Moreover, Shanghai assigned $1.5B to boost China’s economic growth via metaverse. Additionally, Tencent had to halt NFT Sales due to the increasing regulatory scrutiny on non-fungible tokens in China.