Binance Introduces Bixel, an AI NFT Generator for Unique Digital Art


  • Binance’s NFT division introduces “Bixel,” an AI-powered NFT generator for crafting unique digital art using blockchain-based NFTs.
  • Users must undergo KYC verification before accessing Bixel, ensuring a secure and reliable platform.
  • Bixel’s NFT creation incurs a nominal 0.008 BNB minting charge for smooth execution on the BNB Smart Chain.

Binance’s non fungible token (NFT) division has unveiled an AI-powered NFT generator, affectionately named “Bixel.” This revolutionary tool allows users to craft distinctive pieces of digital art using blockchain-based NFTs. The platform’s latest offering promises to usher artists and collectors alike into the captivating realm of NFTs, where unique creations are highly sought after.

As of July 26, Bixel is accessible to all customers on the Binance platform, but not without an essential safeguard. Prior to utilizing the AI NFT generator, users are required to undergo the platform’s Know Your Customer (KYC) identity verification process. This stringent measure ensures the platform remains secure and reliable for all, adhering to industry best practices and regulatory mandates.

The NFT creation process through Bixel comes with a nominal minting charge of 0.008 BNB, approximately $1.90 USD at present. This fee not only facilitates smooth operations but also guarantees the correct execution of the NFT minting procedure on the BNB Smart Chain.

Notably, Binance had previously introduced a beta version of their AI NFT generator on March 1, which they playfully dubbed “Bicasso.” Surprisingly, the 10,000 available NFTs in the beta version were all snapped up in just 2.5 hours, demonstrating the immense interest and excitement surrounding this innovative tool.

However, amid the excitement, Binance faced allegations of impropriety. On March 2, a user known as “Ggoma” accused the exchange of stealing their idea for a chatbot called “Chatcasso,” which had emerged victorious in the BNB Chain hackathon held in Seoul, South Korea, back in December 2022. Binance swiftly denied the claims, asserting that Bicasso had been independently developed two weeks prior to the hackathon, dispelling any rumors of wrongdoing.

With the launch of Bixel, Binance not only reinforces its position as a leader in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space but also opens up a world of artistic expression through AI-powered NFTs. As the platform continues to evolve, artists and enthusiasts can look forward to exploring the endless possibilities that the fusion of AI and NFTs offer in the digital art landscape.