Binance NFT Takes Action: $50 USDT Compensation and Zero Fees for Playbux NFTs


  • Binance NFT announces 50 USDT in compensation per NFT for users who received normal rarity Playbux NFTs during distribution.
  • Platform fees and royalty fees for Playbux collection on Binance NFT Marketplace are set to ZERO for three months.
  • Waiving fees aims to create an accessible environment for NFT enthusiasts and encourage active participation.

In response to user concerns, Binance NFT has announced a generous compensation plan for participants in its subscription mechanism distribution phase on July 14th.

Following extensive discussions with the project team, Binance NFT has decided to provide 50 USDT in compensation per NFT to users who joined the subscription mechanism and received normal rarity Playbux NFTs. These NFTs include the Blue Formal Shirt, Dino Scale, Red Dogi Pants, Soccer Pants, and Straw Hat.

The Twitter post by Binance NFT acknowledged the users’ worries about receiving NFTs of the same rarity, rather than different ones, during the distribution phase. Understanding the importance of user satisfaction, the decision to compensate users with 50 USDT per NFT demonstrates Binance NFT’s commitment to addressing their concerns.

Moreover, Binance NFT has introduced additional measures to enhance the user experience on its platform. To facilitate easier NFT swaps for users, all platform fees and royalty fees for the Playbux collection will be set to ZERO for the next three months on the Binance NFT Marketplace. This move is expected to significantly reduce the financial burden for users and encourage more active participation in the NFT ecosystem.

By waiving platform and royalty fees, Binance NFT aims to create a more accessible and inclusive environment for NFT enthusiasts. Users will now be able to engage in seamless NFT transactions without worrying about additional costs, providing them with greater opportunities to explore and expand their NFT collections.

The decision to offer compensation and eliminate fees for the Playbux collection showcases Binance NFT’s dedication to building a user-centric platform. The company recognizes the importance of transparency, fairness, and user satisfaction in the rapidly evolving world of NFTs. Hence, Binance NFT strives to maintain an open dialogue with its community and respond promptly to user feedback and concerns.

Binance NFT’s recent announcement of a 50 USDT compensation per NFT and the elimination of platform and royalty fees for the Playbux collection signifies a significant step forward in fostering a thriving and user-friendly NFT ecosystem.

By actively addressing user concerns and prioritizing their satisfaction, Binance NFT reinforces its commitment to providing a seamless and rewarding experience for NFT enthusiasts worldwide.