Buy NFTs on Rarible With EURL Using Credit Cards via MoonPay


  • Lugh is excited to integrate its euro stablecoin on Rarible.
  • Rarible has integrated EURL to enable buying Tezos-based NFTs.
  • EURL is a Euro-backed stablecoin developed by Lugh, including retail giant Casino Group.

Lugh is excited to integrate its euro stablecoin on Rarible. Right from their launch on Ethereum, Rarible has supported Tezos, Flow, and Polygon. Now they are integrating EURL to buy & sell NFT on the Tezos blockchain.

Lugh announced the news through a post on Twitter:

In March 2021, the Lugh Company released EURL, the first French digital asset pegged to the Euro in association with Coinhouse. Investments for both professional investors and individuals in a safe & trustworthy environment created with major experts like Societe Generale.

EURL is available on MoonPay and Wert and is also good to be used on Rarible to trade NFT using merely a credit card.

As part of the new partnership, the first NFT collection called ‘Mr, Tezos’ will be launched on the Rarible platform and priced in EURL. The collection will form 222 clean NFTs. Those who are keen to participate in the collection must fund their Rarible wallets with EURL through the MoonPay app.

Showing its usage, here’s the first real use case of EURL: Mr. Tezos, the first NFT collection to be priced in EURL.

How to buy Mr. Tezos on Rarible with EURL?

1. Visit Rarible and fund your wallet in EURL with MoonPay. 

2. Choose your favorite Mr. Tezos and buy the NFT on Rarible upon paying with EURL. 

3. Re-sell your NFT in EURL. You can keep Mr. Tezos if you wish.

4. Cash-out in € on Mt Pélerin.

EURL intends to establish a means of payment and a global loyalty program for partner brands. It is backed by euros held in a bank account, and the top 4 accounting firms conduct accounting reports regularly.

Furthermore, Lugh is among the various corporate bakers that run a Tezos node and secure & decentralize the Tezos blockchain.

LYZI, a Tezos-powered application, has announced integrating EURL to allow users to spend EURL in the Beaugrenelle Shopping Center in Paris.