Rarible makes the sale of NFTs and Marketplaces most desirable.


  • Rarible now integrates listings from major NFT marketplaces.
  • At Rarible, royalties are also enforced to respect the creator’s fees.
  • With the sale of the latest 7 NFTs, V1 PUNK #7677, Noxious-o (MetaHero Core), Degen Ape #4864, Rektguy #7879, Krap Chicken #1043, Meta Angel #5857, and Smirc #1024, Rarible has been showcased as a vibrant and variant powered community.

Rarible has been playing an essential role in recent NFT sales. The protocol aggregates the listings from all the major NFT marketplaces, and the liquidity is taken care of from day 1. 

Rarible is what is typical between V1 punks, RekyguyNFT and Krapopolis. Communities play an essential role in the NFT marketplace as it enables the communities to be less dependent on third parties, strengthen their brand and monetize their content more efficiently. 

Moreover, at Rarible, royalties are also enforced on any sale happening via the community marketplaces- even if the listings are at places that do not acknowledge the creator’s fees. 

With the latest 7 NFT sales, Rarible is showcased as a vibrant and variant-powered community ecosystem. The seven sales are:- 

  • V1 PUNK #7677
    • Sale price 35 ETH
    • Royalties: None, as the V1 creator fee is 0%. 
  • Noxious-o (MetaHero Core)
    • Sale price: 28 ETH 
    • Royalties paid: 7.5%
  • Degen Ape #4864
    • Sale Price:110 SOL 
    • Royalties: 4.2%
  • Rektguy #7879
    • Sale Price 0.43 ETH
    • Royalties: 5%
  • Krap Chicken #1043 
    • Sale Price: 0.145 ETH 
    • Royalties: 5%
  • Meta Angel #5857 
    • Sale Price: 0.7 ETH
    • Royalties: 7% 
  • Smirc #1024 
    • Sale Price: 0.41 ETH
    • Royalties paid: 5.5%

Rarible’s community marketplace comes in all shapes and sizes, helping people connect and trade in the most web3-native way.