Polygon Aggregation goes live on Rarible.com to offer enhanced liquidity


  • Polygon NFTs listed on Opensea are now aggregated on Rarible.
  • Polygon community marketplaces will now automatically aggregate OpenSea orders.
  • More aggregated chains will bring more liquidity and more amazing NFTs to the users.

In a recent announcement made on the official Twitter handle of Rarible, it was disclosed that the Polygon NFTs that are listed on OpenSea are now aggregated on Rarible. This came following the launch of Rarible 2 back in the month of October last year, post which, Rarible.com became a full-on aggregated marketplace on Ethereum. 

The rolling of Rarible 2 brought more liquidity and ensured easier discovery and a clear overview of the NFT market. Well, now, users can access and purchase any Ethereum NFT via Rarible at the best prices that the market has to offer. 

In addition to this, it was announced that they are now commencing the aggregation of the orders of other marketplaces on Polygon in order to offer the users enhanced liquidity. This paves the way for growing both your Ethereum and Polygon collections under one roof. 

The update is applicable to Polygon community marketplaces that are created with Rarible, which implies that they now automatically aggregate OpenSea orders. 

This clearly means that users with their own collection on Polygon can use their zero-code community marketplace builder in order to launch their own marketplace and that too with instant liquidity. What adds more to its value is the fact that users can get instant liquidity for free. 

As for how users can gain access to the aggregated Polygon liquidity on Rarible.com and community marketplaces, it is a really easy process and doesn’t demand any significant step. In order to find the new liquidity on Polygon, the user can just navigate to ‘explore’ next to the search bar and click on ‘Polygon. 

It should be noted that OpenSea orders are now also available on Polygon community marketplaces created with the Rarible builder. Moreover, they are currently marked as ‘Mirrored’ there.