Rarible partnered with NFT.Storage to ensure the security of NFTs


  • Rarible NFTs just got more decentralized and tough with its latest partnership with NFT.Storage.
  • The recent partnership has taken place in order to make NFTs more secure and safe by storing them on decentralized servers.
  • Rarible and NFT.Storage share a common vibe of becoming the Internet Archive for NFTs.

In a recent announcement made on Twitter from the official Twitter handle of Rarible, it has come to the knowledge that Rarible has entered into a partnership with NFT.Storage. The multi-chain community-centric NFT marketplace Rarible is going hands in hands with the decentralized storage and bandwidth provider for NFTs on IPFS and Filecoin. 

The partnership is aimed at preserving all the Rarible NFT content on both IPFS and Filecoin. There is certainly no denying the fact that the storage life of an NFT is eternal following the confirmation of the transaction. However, they are still backed by a file, which raises the need to be stored somewhere safe. 

The recent association with NFT.Storage will allow all the NFT content that was minted via Rarible.com to be stored and made available on both Filecoin and IPFS. Well, all the NFT content is now available for eternity in a decentralized manner. 

IPFS solves the problem of your NFT linking to a different file which promotes centralization as it links the content to the unique fingerprint of the content itself. In addition, the presence of IPFS ensures that anyone can ask for a piece of content provided that the request is made by its unique fingerprint. 

The role of Filecoin here is to offer verifiable storage on the largest decentralized storage network. If you store data on the network, you earn FIL, the native token of Filecoin, in return. Filecoin ensures the integrity of data; hence, NFT data can be securely stored. 

In addition to this, Filecoin equips everyone with the ability to verify that the content is still entire and available.