Crossmint and Rarible collab to power fiat payment method


  • To deliver fiat payments, Rarible and Crossmint are coming together.
  • Rarible has quickly expanded to become one of the most important NFT markets across networks.
  • Customers can free mint their NFT and save it in their Crossmint wallet.

Crossmint and Rarible are collaborating to deliver fiat transactions to their white glove markets. Creators, such as McFarlane Toys, may now enroll millions of new NFT customers who do not have crypto or a wallet.

With over 100k active platform users, Rarible had a txn value of $264 million or more in 2021. They provide NFT markets such as cryptopunksnfts, DegenApeAcademy, and others. They’re excited to collaborate with Rarible to get people into NFTs.

Rarible, which debuted in 2020, has swiftly grown to become one of the main NFT markets across networks, with coverage for Ethereum, Polygon, Immutable X, Tezos, and others. Rarible’s volume of transactions topped $264 million in 2021, with 100k+ active visitors on its site. 

Rarible has also gained popularity for its public marketplace products. The well-known NFT marketplace and protocol provide a self-service marketplace construction tool for Ethereum and Polygon collections, as well as a more specialised “white glove” solution for collections on all blockchain systems supported by Rarible.

Crossmint has collaborated with Rarible to add credit card payment capability to the newest McFarlane Toys drop on the Rarible Protocol-powered McFarlane Toys white glove marketplace. Customers can use our credit card checkout to generate an NFT in under a minute with just an email and a card. 

Additionally,  customers can mint their NFT and keep it in their Crossmint wallet for free, or they can transfer the NFT to MetaMask, Phantom, or another wallet.

Crossmint believes that NFTs have the potential to transform the collecting sector; much as collectors collect real toys, action figures, comic books, and collectables, NFTs convey the notion of scarcity, uniqueness, and remembrance of events or historical periods. 

Moreover, NFTs can also be delivered as digital twins, proving ownership and authenticity of physical goods, or just as an extra collecting item.They’re excited to work with Rarible to make McFarlane Toys’ NFTs available to collectors without the use of cryptocurrency and to help us achieve our goal of bringing the next billion consumers online.