Rarible & Rarity Sniper join to allow users find rarity of NFTs


  • Rarible has collaborated with Rarity Sniper.
  • It’s now possible to see the rarity degree of a PFP via the Rarity Sniper integration.
  • The dream to own a rare NFT just got easier.

Getting an NFT on a bargain is a different feeling and when the acquired NFT is rare, the feeling multiplies further. 

Currently, the market is bearish, which means, now is the best time to buy NFTs. Moreover, many holders are listing their PFPs not only at the floor price but less than it as well, keeping aside the rarity attribute. 

Keeping that feeling alive, Rarible has collaborated with Rarity Sniper. One can find the rarity score of NFTs on the redesigned items pages. The renovated design places the art under the spotlight and helps to analyze what looks good and what is rare.

Performing its role, Rarity Sniper determines the amount and nature of an NFT’s characteristics. This is followed by comparing the particular set with other NFTs that belong to the same collection, which allows estimating its rank.   

With the help of the multicolored widget that lies under the ‘Properties’ tab, it is now possible to check the rarity level of an NFT besides sorting by rarity.

Each ethereum PFP collection now offers this feature.

Previously, Today NFT News reported that Rarity Sniper had partnered with OKX exchange to share NFT rarity data; thereby, allowing users to make better buying decisions.