Rektguy brings zero-fee marketplace with a flavor of rekt confessions


  • Together with OSF, Rektguy brings a zero-fee marketplace.
  • Celebrating zero-fee community marketplace, Rektguy published Rektguy confessions.
  • Despite the market’s bearish trend, Rektguy survived.

When it comes to getting rekt, we are all alike. The experience remains the same for an individual as well as for the Rektguy or the Rarible community. To get the real feel of it, going through the confessions of the Rektguy NFTs on Twitter is some sort of fun. 

Here are some anonymous rekt confessions directly from the Rarible team and the Rektguy community for anyone who wants to overcome the loneliness or disappointment upon being rekt.

Let’s begin with the Rektguy community.

With a dream to purchase Otherside land, I converted $100k to purchase $APE at 21 bucks. Since I was clueless about setting the gas, I didn’t mint anything. Guess what? $APE dropped to $18 and I consoled myself to wait for the next bounce. Today, not only am I holding it, but bearing the loss of $80k.

So I minted an RLD, but had to sell it for approximately $800, as I was in need of cash. As of now. It’s worth $15k. Can’t do anything other than crying myself to sleep.

My friend  and I are early collectors of Apes and we have a joint portfolio of NFTs. We have lost nearly $35m in market value during the past two months. Though we tell ourselves we are here to stay for long, we feel disappointed for not taking more profits.

Okay, so I sold my complete airdrop of $APE coin, hoping for some profits. I encouraged myself thinking that it could go up another 20%.  It quadrupled in the next 4 weeks.

Rekt confessions from the Rarible community.

With a decision to mint STEPN sneakers, I transferred the sneakers to a friend’s account. The cost increased from 600$ to 1200$ till cooldown for mint. Upon mint, the floor price went down from  1500$ to 400$, leaving me rekt.

After I made 5x on Solana, I turned the profit to Tomb finance and put the LP into Grim Finance. Sadly,  lost all the funds, as Grim got exploited. Even worse, it was during the Christmas break.

Now these were some pretty interesting rekt confessions. Want to experience the fun side? Why not trade some rektguys, as the Rektguy NFT charges 0%.