Rarible announces that the Krapopolis community marketplace is going live for business


  • Rarible to open for business for the Krapopolis community marketplace on its platform.
  • Krapopolis is an animated comedy set in mythical ancient Greece by creator Dan Harmon.
  • The show’s preview is on November 27, 2022, and it will debut in 2023 on FOX.

Ethereum-based marketplace for selling and purchasing digital artworks, Rarible, recently collaborated with the Krapopolis community. 

The announcement was made over the official Twitter account, where Rarible confirmed that its marketplace is now open for business with the Krapopolis community. 

Karpopolis is a set of animated comedies in mythical ancient Greece. It is focused on a flawed family of humans, gods, and monsters who are trying to rule one of the world’s earliest cities without slaughtering each other. 

Tyrannis, the compassionate ruler of Krapopolis and the mortal son of a goddess, is struggling to survive in a city that is meant to live up to its name.

With Krapopolis NFTs with you, one can be the king without having to attend many meetings and not worry about being poisoned every time.

Over a tweet, Krapopolis shared a link to check out their latest launch on the Rarible marketplace. 

Krapopolis is said to be the very first animated network television curated series on the blockchain. This now indicates that ahead of the show’s preview on November 27, 2022, and debut in 2023 on FOX, the NFT holders will have unique access to show voting, material, merchandise, meet and greets, a private Discord server, and many more.  

Back in June, Fox Entertainment invested $100 million in NFTs to digitize TV shows via Blockchain Creative Labs to commercialize Krapopolis characters, background art, and GIF NFTs

The people who have created the show also produce and illustrate each NFT, making each and every an original work of art. As the show progresses, users will be able to see elements of their NFT on the screen and get a ticket to access ongoing experiences and benefits that are only available to Krap Chicken collectors. 

There are around 10,420 mints, and these chickens will be laying ERC-20 eggs, and there will be a leaderboard component for all of this.