Cameron Winklevoss calls Paul Krugman the most intellectually dishonest real expert.


  • Cameron Winklevoss called Paul Krugman the most intellectually dishonest real expert.
  • He mentioned that the corporate media is the major platform provider for him to spread misinformation.
  • Paul Krugman clearly denies that recession is not there and that term doesn’t matter.

In a recent tweet shared on the official Twitter handle by Cameron Winklevoss, he was found calling Paul Krugman, the most intellectually dishonest real expert. The Co-Founder of Gemini exchange and Winklevoss Capital shared his thoughts in a tweet recently. 

This came following the debate over ‘Recession’ with Paul Krugman, the NY Times columnist, and American economist, where he mentions that the U.S. wasn’t in a recession and that term didn’t even matter. 

The answer was to the query raised by CNN’s Brian Stelter, which asked “ Are we in a recession, and does that term matter?”

Krugman released a statement in response to the query that clearly declined that the U.S. is not in recession and added:

None of the usual criteria that real experts use says we are in a recession right now. And what does it matter? You know, the state of the economy is what it is.

Krugman addressed the fact that there are abundant jobs in the market although the overall job market is weakening. He even changed his stand on inflation and said that even though inflation might appear high as of now, it is coming down. 

Krugman further revealed that he had never seen anything as bad while referring to the determination and will of a lot of people out there to call the present financial situation a recession. 

He said that this is specifically ‘vitriolic’ as he has been in the business for a couple of decades and has received ample hate mail.