Captivating NFT ‘The Goose’ Fetches $5.4 Million at Sotheby’s Auction


  • Sotheby’s sells ‘The Goose’ NFT for over $6 million, highlighting the value of digital art and NFTs.
  • Three Arrows Capital’s collection at Sotheby’s fetches impressive prices, including $5.4 million for ‘The Goose.’
  • Sotheby’s establishes itself as a leader in the digital art and NFT market with successful auctions.

Sotheby’s auction house has once again made headlines in the world of digital art and NFTs, as it successfully sold a remarkable piece from the collection of the now-defunct cryptocurrency hedge fund, Three Arrows Capital (3AC), for an astonishing sum of over $6 million.

This latest auction record, updated on June 15, reveals that Dmitri Cherniak’s captivating artwork titled ‘The Goose’ fetched approximately $5.4 million, excluding Sotheby’s premium fees. When factoring in these fees, the total sale price soared just above the $6.2 million mark.

‘The Goose,’ a non-fungible token (NFT) artwork, had been part of 3AC’s esteemed digital portfolio, meticulously assembled back in 2021. Notably, the co-founders of 3AC, Su Zhu and Kyle Davies, had acquired this exceptional piece in August 2021 for 1,800 Ethereum, which was valued at roughly $5.8 million at that time.

Alongside ‘The Goose,’ several other coveted artworks from the collection were also auctioned by Sotheby’s, including the highly sought-after CryptoPunks #291, #6574, and #8950, in addition to Autoglyph #218 from Larva Labs.

Reports circulating on social media platforms indicated that the Punks were sold for impressive prices ranging between $75,000 and $90,000 each. These successful auctions further solidified Sotheby’s position as one of the pioneering major auction houses to establish a dedicated marketplace specifically tailored for digital artwork and NFTs. Since its launch in 2021, Sotheby’s has facilitated the sale of numerous artworks relevant to cryptocurrency enthusiasts, with many fetching prices that soar into the millions.

The auction house’s track record in handling notable NFTs is impressive. Sotheby’s has overseen the sale of remarkable digital assets, including an NFT capturing the very first tweet by former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, as well as the original manuscript of the book that first introduced the term ‘metaverse.’ These high-profile transactions have significantly contributed to the growing prominence and recognition of NFTs within the art world.

Hence, Sotheby’s has played a pivotal role in bridging the gap between traditional art collectors and the thriving digital art and NFT space. Consequently, this has led to a surge of interest from art enthusiasts, investors, and crypto enthusiasts alike, resulting in skyrocketing prices and unprecedented demand for these groundbreaking digital creations.

The recent sale of Dmitri Cherniak’s ‘The Goose’ and other valuable artworks from Three Arrows Capital’s collection at Sotheby’s has once again showcased the substantial financial worth and cultural significance that digital art and NFTs now hold.

As the art world continues to embrace this innovative medium, Sotheby’s stands at the forefront, facilitating groundbreaking auctions and shaping the future of art commerce. Moreover, the extraordinary prices achieved for these digital assets further underline the immense value and potential that lie within the realm of NFTs, making them an intriguing investment opportunity for those who dare to explore this brave new artistic frontier.