Sotheby’s revamps “Glitch: Beyond Binary,” digital art sale, new gamer gains profit worth $49K


  • Diversity concerns have pushed Sotheby’s to relaunch its Glitch digital art sale.
  • The digital art auction house will represent people of “every gender identity and expression in the revamped sale.
  • Newcomer Illuvium: Beyond has discovered a unique Illuvitar and sold it for $49,128.85.

After receiving community feedback related to a lack of diversity, Sotheby’s auction house has modified its recent art sale. Meanwhile, Illivium: Beyond has earned a phenomenal gain of 140,525% upon finding the most elusive character in the game. Bidding for “Glitch: Beyond Binary,” Sotheby’s forthcoming digital art sale, will open on April 19. 

Glitch: Beyond Binary is the new version of last month’s “Natively Digital: Glitch-ism” auction, which invited criticism due to lack of diversity and was temporarily paused.

On April 13, Sotheby’s tweeted about the art sale and mentioned that it will represent the diverse artist communities behind the Glitch Art.

On the same day, Sotheby’s released a statement emphasizing that the sale will show individuals from all walks of life. 

Sotheby’s said that such communities not only justify as male or female but include individuals from each and every gender and expression, ethnicity, culture, skill level, sexual orientation, political opinion, background, neuro-type, religion, occupation, subculture, race, ability, age, class, size and language. 

The sale was paused on March 27 by Sotheby’s after NFT artist Patrick Amadon told his followers about withdrawing his work from the Natively Digital: Glitch-ism” art sale to protest against a lack of female representation.

In an April 12 statement, Illivium disclosed that a newcomer to its online game Illuvium: Beyond had found the most unique Illuvitar yet as well and had sold it for $49,128.85.

The unique Illuvitar was found by the player inside a “D1SK,” a kind of digital loot box including random illiviators as well as accessories for just $32; thereby, netting the player a gain of over 140,525%.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy signed the country’s first ever NFT collection, “UACatsDivision,” on April 9. The collection contains cats of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and all the capital donated to the Ukraine military services.

Currently, a total of 3,026 NFT cats have been bought out of the 10,000 available.