Chinese Tech Giant Baidu Set to Launch NFT Marketplace

  • An NFT marketplace to be opened by a CHinese tech giant Baidu.
  • Baidy will be dropping more than 20,000 NFTs that will feature several nostalgic Chinese cartoon characters.
  • Baidu will also be launching the Superchain digital collection by the end of March.

Baidu, a Chinese tech giant is said to airdrop more than 20,000 NFTs, (a.k.a Non-fungible tokens). The NFTs will bring forth nostalgia as they will be featuring Chinese cartoon characters. They are giving these away before launching their marketplace at the end of March.

Baidu has announced that they are giving away more than 20,000 free NFTs for free. The distribution will take place in three rounds. On March 10 and March 12, at 10:00 am, they will give away 8888 ‘Talking Tom Cat’ badges. The next on March 16, it will be dedicated to a well-known character called Ahri. March 16 will be his 16th birthday and to honor that Baidu will release 3160 limited avatars for free.

The users who often search for Baidu digital collections, Baidu Super chain wallets, digital collections, and Baidu super chain digital collection through the Baidu application will be granted a quick entry and they will also receive a number of digital collections.

Ever since mid-2021, the digital collection market has attracted a good amount of attention from the citizens. Almost everyone in cyberspace wants to have exclusive & unique NFTs featuring rare, personal avatars.

It is believed that Baidy will certainly launch its Super chain digital collection trading platform by the end of March. With their amazing ecosystem of mobile apps and the technical support from Super chain, they are bound to launch a wide variety of entertaining and exclusive digital collections.

Baidu began its blockchain technology in May of 2017 and in the year, 2019, they obtained their first batch of blockchain information.

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