Exploring Chromie Squiggle NFT – The first ever project on Art Blocks

A generative art project on the blockchain, Chromie Squiggle is the only project to release on Art Blocks. The colorful art pieces made it big in less than 6 months. 

Artist and technologist, Snowfro, founded Art Blocks in November 2020. He made a collection of colorful art pieces, Chromie Squiggle, a project he was working on for years. 

To add wings to the project, Snowfro sent Chromie Squiggles to Huston’s design industry. They were made to determine the possibility with generative minting to prove that creating thousands of outputs through a collision was possible. Upon generating 2000 Squiggles and offering them to people and clients belonging to the design industry, he demonstrated what was allowed by the technology and the way it could transform the creative process.

Snowfro realized that there are no similar projects and Chromie Squiggles are completely unique and worth pursuing. The collection has 10,000 iterations possible. Since every Squiggle has its own characteristics, some of them are quite rare.

9,166 Squiggles were minted, and the public minting of the remaining ones is permanently paused. They might be dropped later in the future.

Snowfro has established a powerful community that appreciates the project, which is a major reason Chromie Squiggle has bagged a spot in the list of most potential on-chain generative art projects.

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Chromie Squiggle types

On the basis of six general subcategories, the Squiggles can be of the following types:

  • Standard, constitute for 61.46% 
  • Slinky, constitute for 11.67% 
  • Fuzzy, constitute for 60% 
  • Ribbed, constitute for 7.81% 
  • Bold, constitute for 4.55%
  • Pipe, constitute for 1.91% 

Chromie Squiggles are classified into 4 spectrum subcategories-

  • Normal
  • HyperRainbow: They are unique owing to their magnificent color combination.
  • Full Spectrum: They have all the colors.
  • Perfect Spectrum: They have every color in a similar proportion.

Minting of Chromie Squiggles

It was in November 2020 when the Chromie Squiggle NFT was minted for the first time. Following months, i.e., in December and January, mint and sale volumes increased by about 3000. 

Maximum sales took place on Art Blocks’ platform. However, the majority of the sales shifted to OpenSea once the minting stopped. 

A little twist

For most people, Chromie Squiggle refers to static works of art; however, it is animated. An effect launches when the Squiggles are clicked as it alternates the color along the segments. The background color can be adjusted using the spacebar. The speed at which the color of segments alternate can be increased as well as decreased using the up and down buttons.

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The future of Chromie Squiggle

It is the project’s community that makes it incredible. Owners of Chromie Squiggle have made the Squiggle DAO, which refers to a community-driven project as well as a decentralized art house. 

The DAO aims to boost the success and cultural integrity of generative NFT art. Furthermore, it serves as a foundry for artists interested in making impeccable art. Also, it educates about on-chain generative art education and spreads awareness regarding Chromie Squiggles and of course, on-chain generative art. 

The project will for sure prosper, with the price of the community increasing tremendously. There will be an increase in the number of individuals who would want to be a part of the project to grab social status in the massive crypto community. Also, a lot of people will consider being a part of the Squiggle DAO not only to find out all about on-chain generative art but also for valuable funding.

How to buy it?

If you weren’t able to mint a Squiggle when it was initially launched on Art Blocks, you could make one yours on a secondary market. However, followed by the bull rally experienced by them, you got to pay more. 

OpenSea is the most convenient place to buy it. Some other marketplaces have also started offering them.

The unpredictable twist 

The output is not known when a new piece is minted, and that’s what makes generative art different and exciting. This is because it is the blend of a computer and many humans making the art engaging. Buying an on-chain generative piece on the primary market is a completely different experience than purchasing 1/1 NFT on the secondary market.

Though collectors can have an idea about the work style through the already minted tokens when a sale is on, what they will get precisely is something that they actually don’t know.


Why is Chromie Squiggle worth so much?

Chromie Squiggles are worthy owing to their uniqueness besides being randomly generated colorful squiggles. Their value increases since they are randomly generated squiggles that belong to Snowfro, the founder of a successfully growing NFT artwork marketplace.

How many Chromie Squiggles are there?

There are 10000 Chromie Squiggles in total.

How much is a Chromie Squiggle?

The current floor price is 10.4ETH, with an average price of $22.3K.