PROOF Collective – The mysterious organization packed with top influencers & NFT celebs

Launched on December 9, 2021, and founded by Kevin Rose in collaboration with Ryan Carson and Justin Mezell, PROOF Collective is an exclusive collective featuring 1,000 expert NFT artists and collectors.  

The community is graced by popular NFT enthusiasts like Gary Vee, the owner of  VeeFriends and Beeple, who created hype after selling his NFT for $69 million. Furthermore, PROOF is the name behind successful projects such as Moonbirds, Grails, Oddities, and Emotes. 

Owners of PROOF Collective NFT have direct access to its Discord server, which provides details on community events, mints, upcoming drops, and much more. Furthermore, they are a part of every project the project launches.

The origin

The PROOF Collective NFT was born out of the PROOF Podcast with a promise of 3-plus years of membership to private discord.

Though Kevin refrained from making a promise, he clarified his intent of creating a group of collectors who he can utilize to try & experiment with his ideas in the NFT world.

The sales were launched last year in mid-December through a Dutch auction. 5 $ETH was the starting price, which decreased by 0.25 in every 10 minutes; hence, most of the passes were sold at 1 $ETH as the floor price.

Who’s in the PROOF Collective group?

According to the claims of the PROOF Collective website, its members have 150,000 plus NFTs, which includes over 150 CryptoPunks, 800 plus BAYC, around 500 Meebits, 5,000 plus Art Blocks and around 330 SuperRare 1:1 NFTs, and more.

This makes the collective not only one-of-a-kind but extremely valuable and impressive.

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PROOF academy

The PROOF academy is a series of programs based on featuring expert advice on major learning topics. 

There’s a 101 course on Layer 1 vs Layer 2 solutions in the initial lineup. Other topics include useful tax strategies meant for NFT collectors as well as the usage of DeFi to fund the collecting strategy.

Conference & meetups

PROOF has plans to host four private meetups every year. Also, it is looking forward to hosting the World’s Best NFT conference in 2023, which has been dubbed as, PROOF of Conference. Members of the NFT will get free tickets and special access.


PROOF’s first official project was Grails, wherein, 20 pieces were submitted by 20 artists. Owners of NFT got to mint one piece each.

Initially, nobody knew about the artists while minting. The only information known was that among the 20 artists, four belonged to the top 10 selling artists of all time. Some of these popular names include Tyler Hobbs, Larva Labs, Gary Vaynerchuk, Claire Silver, Rachel Ryle, and Mike Shinoda.

The internal meeting 

A link to PROOF Collective’s internal meeting regarding its goals as well as a roadmap was shared by Kevin Rose. 

In the over 20-minute long video, Rose is talking to his team in alignment with their mission and future roadmap.

Rose praised the fact that they not only celebrate but elevate every artist. However, he made sure to constructively criticize his company on the grounds of not everyone being on the same page with the planned roadmap.

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Project Highrise

PROOF has the utmost faith in the potential of the metaverse. Keeping this trust as the motivational factor, there’s a zeal to create something that has a purpose. 

Kevin took to Twitter to define it as a building or a collection of buildings, wherein, each building has a particular purpose just like a DAO. 

Highrise might prove itself as the platform that bridges tribes together to establish a cross-community collaboration in an effortless way.

Divergence acquisition

PROOF Collective acquired Divergence, a development team which is a web3 engineering team led by Arran Schlosberg and Angharad “Harri” Thomas.

Both the experts joined PROOF Collective owing to an “acqui-hire” deal.

Recent highlights

PROOF Collective generated $50M in a funding round led by Andreessen Horowitz. Based on the live stream, Future PROOF, the funds will be utilized to grow the PROOF ecosystem.

The project has also hinted about launching a web3 platform to enable community members to connect, show off their NFTs, and be a part of community decision-making. Owners of Moonbirds and Oddities will be allowed to create collector-curated galleries through the beta version.

Lastly, the team is developing a utility token. Further details about the tokens will be disclosed in 2023.


What is a PROOF Collective NFT?

It is an NFT-gated membership platform that enables members to share investment possibilities and gain access to worthy whitelists.

Who owns PROOF Collective?

Kevin Rose founded PROOF Collective in partnership with Ryan Carson and Justin Mezell.

What is a PROOF Collective Pass?

A collection of 1,000 unique membership pass NFTs stored on Ethereum is the PROOF Collective Pass. It was established by Kevin Rose, the host of PROOF Podcast.